Know a PR Pro: Dr. Pamela Dykes

Dr. Pamela Dykes

Get to know FPRA member Dr. Pamela Dykes. Dr. Dykes is an assistant professor of communication at Florida Southern College. She’s also writing a book. Impressive!

Describe your day-to-day to us.

It varies because I wear several hats. I teach courses at FSC (PR writing, PR strategies, Ad and PR Campaigns, Organizational and Interpersonal Communications and Public Speaking). I am also an executive coach and a family mediator.

What is your proudest professional achievement in the last year? 

I have published two book chapters and I am in the final stages of completing my own book “The Comeback Roadmap.” 

Why do you choose to be part of FPRA? What do you get from the organization? 

As a professor of PR, I wanted to surround myself with experts in the field who are actually working in the industry to make sure I provide my students the most current public relations information.  

What would you say to someone considering membership?  

I highly recommend FPRA because of the valuable connections you make with the members and because the organization has an endless number of resources available. 

Can you share a fun fact about yourself? Secret talents? Unusual interests? 

I am a mother of three young adults who I love to spend time with. I would love to learn how to take amazing photographs, and I have “wanderlust”; I plan on traveling the world when my daughter graduates from high school.